Welcome to ECVision

When in 2010 the Grundtvig Partnership “Counselling in a Multicultural Europe” ended, the partners – Wiener Volkshochschulen (VHS GmbH) and ANSE-member associations – were both contented and discontented, because on the one hand we learned a lot about the difficulties of comparing the different approaches to supervision and coaching in the participating countries; on the other hand we were not able to explore that more than superficially. We felt the need to dig deeper and find a consistent way of describing supervisory skills and competences. But the partnership project would not provide us with the opportunity to do so.

However, the contact was made and a trustful working basis created!

The second incentive was the cooperation between ANSE and EUROCADRES to work together towards the achievement of the objectives of the Lisbon Agenda.

In 2011 we met the challenge and formed a Steering Committee consisting of persons from VHS GmbH, ANSE, and EUROCADRES. It was quite a task to work out the main aims and to establish a proper consortium and a working structure for the LEONARDO –Development of Innovation Project we applied for and succeeded!

The LEONARDO-Project ECVision has been selected by the European Commission in 2012 in order to develop a European System of Comparability and Validation of Supervisory Competences.

ECVision succeeded in creating all planned outcomes.

The three main products are:

  • A Glossary (to guarantee comparability of terms, definitions and legal frameworks, and
  • A Competence Framework to guarantee comparability of supervisory competences and qualifications by describing them in learning outcomes.
  • An ECTS-ECVET Reference Table as a model for accreditation and validation of Learning Outcomes in education and training of supervision & coaching in Europe.

Instruction workshops and an Evaluation Model are instruments for disseminating, testing and using the products in VET and personnel development.

Two conferences presented the outcomes to a professional audience.