ANSE standards for national organisations

Criteria for national organisations how to become member of ANSE


Conditions of membership
Full membership can be granted to national organisations for supervision, which in their country satisfy the following conditions combined:
a) They exist as a legal entity in their own country;
b) They represent graduates of at least two different educational programs for supervision/coaching. If this condition cannot be met, the national organization is granted the period of five years to fulfil the requirements with the professional activities, guided by the ANSE executive board.
c) They try to create a network of supervisors/coaches in their country offering them organisational structures;
d) They understand supervision as a method for professional self-reflection;
e) They represent a meeting-point for supervision and coaching, which spanning various professional fields and methodological schools;
f) Supervisors and coaches must have completed a specific post-graduate (third degree) education.
g) The educational programs for supervisors and coaches are open for students descending from different professions.

Associate membership can be granted to national organisations for supervision, which have a position as a legal entity in their own country and are striving for co-operation on a European level, although they have not yet reached the standards mentioned in paragraph 5. 1. 1. in the full sense.

Sponsoring membership can be granted to natural persons and legal entities who wish to support ANSE financially.

Honorary membership can be granted to persons who are considered to have made an outstanding contribution to the development of supervision in Europe. Honorary memberships are given by the general assembly.

Minimal formal standards of an educational program becoming a supervisor

A. Conditions for entrance in the educational program on supervision

1. Pre-education (level and diploma)

- (professional) university / or proven equivalent
- humanities / social sciences or documented equivalent

2. Length of experience in professional work after finishing the education under 2.

4 years al least

3. Continued Education

Documented participation on various activities in different groups and settings and in longer processes (60 - 300 training hours)

4. Experience as supervisee

Documented 30 - 60 training hours:

Participation in different forms of supervision and coaching (dyad; triad; group)

(Recommendation in written of a supervisor)

B. The supervisory educational program

1. Duration of the program

At least over 2 years.

2. Number of contact hours (exclusive 3. + 4.)

300 - 375 training hours

3. Praxis as learning supervisor (learning supervision)

At least 45 hours (in individual as well as in group setting)

4. Participation at supervision-on-supervision

At least 35 training hours (one series in individual setting, a second series in a group setting)

5. Thesis

Demonstration the integration of main aspects of theory of supervision and own supervisory practice

6. Colloquium

Demonstrating communication skills concerning the own thesis

7. Certificate

Registered by the national association for supervision.

Justified departures from the minimal formal standards need permission by the ANSE-Board.