Member of ANSE

Associazione  Professionale Supervisione & Coaching ASC

Italian Association for Supervision & Coaching

Office: Dr. Renate Ausserbrunner, Montellostr. 25, 39100 Bozen
Fon: +39 3285674359

Foundation 1996

Number of members 41

Structure of the association
The BSC is founded as non-profit association and consists of the following bodies:

  • General assembly
  • Chairman
  • Board
  • Auditor

Concept of supervision
Supervision is regarded as a specific professional form of counselling that is focussing at the kind of work and the work tasks employees of organisations are doing. The guided reflection is directed to the various aspects:

  • the role of the individual employee;
  • the co-operation between the employees and the co-operation between them and the leadership;
  • the work which is done with the clientgroups;
  • the targets of the organisation.

Supervision is conceived as a supplementary measure for special and further professional training, not bound by a specific theoretical or methodological school and not restricted to a specific field of professional activities. Supervision aims at assuring and developing the professional and human quality of work. The theoretical background of this form of counselling is based on findings in organisation and communication sciences, sociology, adult education and psychology.
Forms of supervision as practised by the BSC members:

  • Individual supervision
  • Management consulting
  • Teamsupervision
  • Group supervision
  • Organisational supervision

Target groups of supervision
are professional workers in the following fields of work:

  • School and kindergarten
  • Education and pedagogical work
  • Social welfare and health
  • Spiritual welfare
  • Administration and services
  • Business

Training of supervisors
Members of the BSC finished supervisor training courses in various European countries, corresponding to standards of the respective national organisations.

Activities of the association

  • Ombuds office
  • Public relations regarding the development and promotion of the profession
  • Representation of professional interests in public
  • Publication of leaflets about the contribution of supervision in various fields of work
  • Service centre for members and clients
  • Member lists with field competencies
  • Continuous training, controlgroups and groups for intervision for members
  • Development of standards for the education of supervisors and the delivery of supervision
  • Newsletter for members