Member of ANSE

Association of Hungarian Supervisors

Office: Hercegprimas u. 19. III/36, 1051 Budapest, Hungary
Fon: +36 30 602 8981

Foundation 1996
The founding members represented the graduates of two supervisor training courses held in Hungary in 1993-1996. The main features of this training corresponded to German and Dutch standards.

Number of members
The 43 ordinary members are trained and have a degree. There are 22 extra-ordinary members which take part at a training program.

Structure of the association
The bodies of the association consists of:

  • The board (chairman, 2 vice chairmen, secretary, treasurer).
  • General assembly of members.
  • Committees:
    • Auditing of finances;
    • Ethics;
    • Committee for further professional development and study.

Concept of supervision
According to our concept supervision represents a form of counselling which relates to problems and conflicts of communication and co-operation in professional interaction. Supervision departs from practical experiences and picks up the thread right there again. In this way it is learning based on experience. In supervision learning always takes place by a process focusing on self-reflection.

Target groups of supervision
The most important target groups until now are: Representatives of helping professions (social workers and social educators, employees in youth welfare, psychologists, educators).
Recently we are offering supervision also in profit-oriented fields.

Training of supervisors
Criteria for admission to the two year certified training programme:

  • Graduation from university with degree in fields oriented to human or social sciences or advanced specialist college.
  • Professional practice of at least three years in one of the helping professions.
  • 30 sessions of supervision.

Targets of the association
The most important target of the association of Hungarian supervisors is the professionalising and standardisation of supervision in Hungary. This aim was already reached by the training activities on the one hand and the conclusion of the process of accrediting on the other.

Activities of the association
In Hungary supervision is officially recognised by the government as educational subject.
The next important step and task of the association consists in dissemination and further development of the practical utilisation of supervision.
MSZT attaches also great importance to research and quality assurance of supervision as well as to the support of supervisory activities related to field of business.

Services to clients
   - Organisational development and supervision;
   - Application of various methodical approaches in supervision (focusing, psychodrama etc.).