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As supervision became an increasingly professional means of process oriented consulting, national associations for supervision were founded in several European countries since 1975.

In 1997on November 21st the national professional organisations for supervision of Austria (ÖVS), Germany (DGSv), Hungary (MSZT), the Netherlands (LVSB) and Switzerland (BSO) established ANSE as an European umbrella association based in Vienna to meet the need for European co-operation and Europe-wide exchange of views among professionals.

ANSE now represents more than 8.000 qualified supervisors and coaches in the field of consulting in 22 European countries and more than 80 training institutions.

ANSE is THE association of national Organisation for Supervision and Coaching in Europe.
ANSE takes care of professional interests on a supranational level.
ANSE is in contact with professional organisations for supervision and coaching world-wide.

ANSE – aims

To promote

  • exchange of information between national organisations and training institutes;
  • exchange of experiences between experts of counselling;
  • and disseminate supervision and coaching;
  • quality assurance of supervision and coaching (standards).

To support

  • founding of national organisations for supervision and coaching;
  • the development of their own culture of supervision and coaching;
  • training initiatives in European countries;
  • research and to accord study initiatives to develop theories and methodologies for supervision and coaching.

ANSE promotes the learning about cultural diversities and supports cooperation.