Member of ANSE

German Association for Supervision

Office: Neusser Str. 3, D-50670 Köln
Fon: +49-221-92004-0
Fax: +49-221-92004-29

Foundation 1989
The association was founded in 1989 with 40 members and developed into an association for supervision in Germany growing up to 3.900 members since that time.
Training institutions for supervision -40 nowadays- contributed largely to the foundation of the DGSv.

Assurance of quality and development of supervisor training formed an important motive for union from the very beginning. In the last years DGSv is focusing increasingly on questions of labour market for supervisors.

Number of members
3.900 individual members and
29 juridical members (training institutions).

Structure of the association
Five bodies within the association secure consistence and development of the DGSv:

  • General assembly as the highest committee of the association.
  • Board as elected body for control and representation.
  • Committee at training as specialist-related committee for questions of training.
  • Admission committee dealing with requirements for individual or juridical membership.
  • Committee for examination of standards as instrument for quality assurance for all training institutions approved by DGSv.

Regional groups
The DGSv is present throughout Germany. Country-wide over 37 regional groups are working on questions related to special topics and to the profession itself. There are certain duties of the regional groups such as the support of loyal exchange of information within the association and region, the advanced and further training and quality assurance, as well as the achievement of the associations aims at regional level.

Targets of the association
The DGSv takes its power for innovation out of the field of tension between training and occupational interests and realises its targets in a threefold manner:

  • Further development of quality in training, e.g. by further development of curricula and differentiation of training standards.
  • Initiation of projects for continuing of specialist discourse, e.g. by specialist group work, congresses and publications.
  • Initiation of scientific enquiries, support of practice-oriented academic publications as well as the advancement of young academics.
  • Public relations and marketing for supervision, e.g. by presentation at events, co-operation at congresses as well as in print media.

Activities of the association

  • Regional public relations events and professional conferences.
  • Publication of own series of writings.
  • Countrywide congresses.
  • Broad public relations together with growing service for members and interested clients.

The office of DGSv was set up 1994 by a managing director and a small staff of employees. The service team was enlarged in 1996. Administration, service and marketing were increasingly developed as task of the office. The corner pillars of the office profile in the year 1998 are administration, control and co-ordination of a growing supervisor association.