University of Gothenburg/Department of Social Work, Sweden, Project Partner

University of Gothenburg

In 1982, the social work department in Gothenburg for the first time developed a course in supervision for qualified social workers, who were interested in giving supervision to other social workers in different agencies and organisations. This was the first supervision education in Sweden for professionals in social work but was soon followed by others. The supervision course at the University of Gothenburg is provided during three semesters on part-time basis. Since its start is has been very attractive for professional social workers. A majority of Swedish social workers have supervision as a regular part of their work, paid of the organisation. Studies show that 78% of all social workers in 2002 were supervised and this figure has increased since then. Group supervision is the dominant kind of supervision, and the social agencies and organisations can find educated supervisors through their association, presenting lists of persons with this education and the main areas they have competencies to work within.


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