EUROCADRES, Belgium, Project Partner


EUROCADRES is the Council of European Professional and Managerial Staff and a recognised and an active social partner at European level representing almost 6 million professional and managerial staff.

Amongst the broad portfolio of tasks, EUROCADRES aims for facilitating mobility and recognition of diplomas and qualifications throughout Europe, as an important step towards harmonizing the various systems. Professional cards, as proposed by the European Commission, may be a good instrument to reach more transparency both for professional card holders and for their partners and clients.

That’s why EUROCADRES strongly supports the efforts to establish a European Portfolio for consultancy, coaching and supervision with added value for mobile supervisors and their European clients. This is also in accordance with the Cooperation Agreement between EUROCADRES and the Association of National Organisations of Supervision in Europe ANSE signed November 2011.


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