ANSE (Association for National Organisations for Supervision in Europe), Austria, Project Partner

ANSE (Association for National Organisations for Supervision in Europe)

As supervision and lately also coaching became increasingly professional means of process oriented consulting, national associations for supervision have been founded in several European countries since 1975. 1997 ANSE was founded as THE European umbrella association of national Organisation for Supervision and Coaching in Europe.

ANSE takes care of professional interests on a supranational level and also keeps contacts with professional organisations for supervision and coaching world-wide.

ANSE represents 22 National Organisations for Supervision. This includes more than 8.000 qualified supervisors and coaches and more than 80 training institutions in Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Finland, Great-Britain, Greece, SIceland, Latvia, Romania and Sweden.


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