ANSE in EU Projects

“Professional and Managerial Staff taking the responsibility to develop competences and attitudes for innovation” (EUROCADRES)

The project will start 1 December 2009 and will last 12 months (with possible extension of max. 6 months if necessary).

As partner organisation within this project, ANSE will contribute to the project by following activities:

  1. Taking part in three steering committee meetings in Brussels for elaborating on the project activities,
  2. Participating in four national/regional events,
  3. Participating in the final European conference in Brussels
  4. Taking an active role in the final analysis report,
  5. Disseminating the results through ANSE's website and network and/or internal media/information channels.

Download: President’s report on EUROCADRES Conference “Professional Card” (PDF)

Download: GRUNDTVIG II evaluation results of the Learning Partnership (PDF)

Download: Professional and Managerial Staff: Social Responsibility for Innovation (PDF)